Does modern science influence how we read the Bible? Is faith reasonable in our scientific age? What's it like to pursue a career in science as a Christian? As a youth worker, you're probably hearing questions like these from your students frequently. Your answers can have a huge impact on the lives of the kids you serve. 

According to a 2009 Barna study, 52% of youth group teens aspire to science-related careers, but only 1% of youth workers have addressed issues of science in the past year (You Lost Me, 2011). Many youth pastors simply don't know where to start.

BioLogos is here to help! Below are links to recommended books, articles, videos, and stories that can get you up to speed on popular topics and give you practical ideas of how to start a positive conversation about science and faith in your youth group.

Science and Youth Ministry

Faith and Reason

Interpreting Genesis

Evolution through the Lens of Faith

  • What is Evolution?

    Audio Visual
    What is Evolution?

    There is often some confusion about what is meant when evolution is brought up. Read about our understanding including discussion of common ancestry, random processes and more. This a... Read More >

  • How Evolution Works, Part 1

    Audio Visual
    How Evolution Works, Part 1

    (Video #6 in the BioLogos Basics video series.) We often hear critics of evolution saying things like, “A dog could have never evolved from a cat” or “If humans... Read More >

  • 10 Misconceptions about Evolution

    Blog Post
    10 Misconceptions about Evolution

    One of the difficulties people have with coming to accept the science of evolution is that they have absorbed incorrect or only partially correct information. Read More >

  • C.S. Lewis on Science, Evolution, and Evolutionism

    Blog Post
    C.S. Lewis on Science, Evolution, and Evolutionism

    Lewis's writings encourage us to face the findings of science with courage and, just as importantly, recognize when a materialistic worldview is masquerading as science.  As... Read More >

  • The Big Story

    The Big Story

    What if we told the story of the Bible from the perspective of what science has learned about God's world? View the epic story of God that stretches from creation to new creation... Read More >

Reflections from Young People

Multi-week Curricula for Young Adults

  • Origins


    Though Christians share a common belief about who created the universe, they can believe very different things about how it happened. This book lays out the various Christia... Read More >

  • The Author of Life

    The Author of Life

    This 7 part video series is aimed directly at Christian young people who are asking how their faith goes with what they are learning in science class. Includes discussion materials, a... Read More >

  • Fossils and Faith

    Fossils and Faith

    Rather than taking one position on the creation/evolution debate, this four unit printed study helps students discover that there are multiple valid Christian views. Students receive ... Read More >

  • From the Dust: Conversations in Creation

    From the Dust: Conversations in Creation

    DVD with study guide [pdf]. This video, produced in conjunction with BioLogos, is a fresh way to engage the current controversy surrounding science and faith. Includes interviews with... Read More >

  • Test of Faith for Youth

    Test of Faith for Youth

    These science and faith materials were developed at The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion in the UK by Christian biologist Ruth Bancewicz (who also serves on t... Read More >

  • Wrestling with Science and Faith?

    Wrestling with Science and Faith?

    Available for viewing online, this 4-part high school ministry course was developed by and features members of Grace Chapel in Massachusetts and includes 40-50 minute talks on: &ldquo... Read More >

General Resources

  • BioLogos Basics

    BioLogos Basics

    (video series) Short, animated videos introduce mission-centered topics including: “What is BioLogos?”, “Is God the Creator?”, and “How old is the Earth?... Read More >

Philip Yancey, Author of Vanishing Grace and Where is God When it Hurts?

[The BioLogos team] may be the only people in the world capable of pulling off this project. They have courage as well as unquestioned respect from both sides of the debate, which has long begged for bridge-builders.

- Philip Yancey, Author of Vanishing Grace and Where is God When it Hurts?
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